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Scoot Safely

We are committed to promoting safe scooting and will do everything in our power to promote safety alongside the manufacturer Micro who put the safety of their products at the top of the design agenda.

These safety instructions and warnings have been developed to help your child get the most out of riding their scooter. Our scooters have an outstanding safety record largely because they are well built and designed by Micro Mobility Systems, a Swiss company.

Mini and Maxi Micro
The three wheeled design of the Mini and Maxi Micro Scooters provides stability and helps children balance.
Young children are often unaware of basic rules of the road and need constant vigilance on the part of the parent or adult with them to make sure that they do not scoot too fast on pavements, avoid pedestrians and always keep away from the edge of the road. They need to be reminded always, to dismount from their scooters and stop look and listen when crossing the road.


1. Before you allow your child to use the Maxi/Mini Micro, ensure that the steering rod is fully engaged and that all the screws are tight. Also ensure that the wheels have been correctly secured and that they show no signs of wear. Adult assembly or supervision is required.

2. Protective equipment should be worn. Ensure that your child always wears a helmet, and wrist, elbow and knee pads, as well as shoes with rubber soles.

3. Ensure that your child does not ride down any steep hills. The brake is not designed to decelerate from high downhill speeds.

4. The brake pad becomes hot when it is used. Make especially sure that your child does not keep the brake on for a long period of time. Explain to your child that direct skin contact may cause burns.

5. Do not allow your child to travel at speeds exceeding 5km/h.

6. Ensure that your child does not ride on roads, paths or vehicles with motor vehicle traffic.

7. Always observe traffic regulations and laws. Micro scooters may not be used on public roads.

8. Only one person may ride on a Micro scooter at one time.

9. Riding at dusk, at night or in poor visibility is very dangerous and increases the risk of accidents and injury so please make sure your child can be seen and heard.

10. The Micro scooter must not be used on wet, oily, sandy, dirty, icy or rough or uneven surfaces.

11. In wet conditions there is a major risk of slipping. Do not use the Micro scooter in these circumstances Your child should practise first to gain control of the vehicle.

12. Ensure that your child does not attempt any experiments or risky manoeuvres with it.

13. Do not make any modifications to the your scooter. If you do, the guarantee is expired.

14. Load capacity is up to 35kg body weight for the Mini Micro Deluxe, respectively up to 50kg body weight for the Maxi Micro Deluxe and 100kg for adult Micro scooters.

15. IMPORTANT: Undoing the axle screws several times will reduce the effect of the screw securing product. This means that the screws may come loose by themselves. You should therefore always use a conventional screw securing product.

Quality & Safety
All of our products are manufactured to the European regulations EN14619 and EN71-1