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Have your scooter wheels worn out, because of all the scooting? It is very easy to replace them. Order orginal Micro scooter parts to be ensured of the best quality and fitting.

Mini Micro:  Front 120mm (AC 5005B) or LED wheels. Back 80mm (AC 5002B)
Maxi Micro:  Front 120mm (AC 5006B) or LED wheels. Back 2x 80mm (AC 5002B)
Micro Light:  Front 120mm (AC 5005B). ABack 100mm (AC 5003B)
Micro Sprite: Front 120mm (AC 5005B). Back 100mm (AC 5003B) 
Micro Bullet: 120mm  (AC 5006B)
Micro Flex: 145mm (AC-5007B)
Micro Flex Air: 200mm (AC-5012B)
Micro Speed: 145mm (AC 5008B)
Micro White 200mm (AC 5009B)
Micro Black: 200mm  (AC 5010B)
Micro Flex Blue200: 200mm (AC 5010B)
Micro Kickboard Compact: 120mm (AC 5006B) or LED wheels
Micro Kickboard Original:  Front 120mm (AC 5005B) or LED wheels. Back 100mm (AC 5003B)
Micro MX Trixx:  100mm MX1204. MX1205, MX1210 or MX1212
Micro MX Crossneck/Core: 110 mm MX1208, MX 1214, MX1215, MX 1216

Can not find the part you are looking for on our site? Please contact us by mail: service@micro-step.nl

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