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What to do when police stops you with your electric scooter?

What should you do if you are stopped with your electric scooter? We see a lot of people on the road with all kinds of electric scooters with throttle. These scooters are not allowed on public roads in the Netherlands, but the police have more or less tolerated this for a long time. However, people are getting stopped far more often now, they have changed their policy. You often get a warning or an 'aantekening' the first time. However, the scooter can also be confiscated immediately, because you are on the road with an illegal vehicle. The fine is €390.

Our e-scooters with pedal assistance are allowed. These are the emicro, the Falcon NL, the Condor NL and the Colibri NL. We have noted the serial numbers of these scooters. They can also be recognized by a silver sticker at the bottom of the steering beam. However, some police officers are not yet aware of this. The police use an app on which they can see whether a scooter is allowed. Recently, the scooter with pedal support is also mentioned on this. In consultation with the police, we have the following tips in the case your are stopped with your pedal assisted e-scooter:

  • Don't assume that every police officer/woman already knows about this app
  • Stay patient and polite
  • Let them know that you know there is an information app for police officers and ask if they also work with it. The app is called: BOS (Blue Op Straat)
  • Refer to the government page: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/voertuigen-op-de-weg/e-step-met-trapondersteuning
  • If the officer wants more information, he/she can contact us: 020-3206409
  • If the officer does not want to cooperate, politely ask for name or service number. Mail it to us, together with your type of Micro scooter and the serial number, and we will contact the police
  • Also know that you are not allowed to have an electrical device (such as a mobile) in your hands when you ride the scooter