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Regulations for Electric scooters

Is an electric scooter with throttle allowed in the Netherlands?

While electric scooters are now allowed on the road in the countries around us, new regulations are still being developed in the Netherlands. It is good to know that a distinction was made between scooters with a throttle and scooters with pedal assistance. A scooter with a throttle must be inspected by the RDW. Currently, no compact folding scooters with a throttle have been approved yet. Scooters with a trhottle may be sold, but only used on private property.The completion of the new framework for LEV is still pending.

Why is a scooter with pedal assistance allowed on public roads?

A scooter with pedal assistance falls under bicycle legislation. Explanation: from a legal point of view, a scooter with step assistance is equated with a bicycle with pedal assistance. This is possible because so far there is no clear definition in the law of what a bicycle is. This means that electric scooters with scooter support, just like electric bicycles, can legally hit the road. Just like the e-bike, these do not have to be inspected by the RDW. We sell the Colibri NL as a scooter with pedal assistance.