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Regulations for Electric scooters

While electric scooters are now allowed on the road in the countries around us, new regulations are still being developed in the Netherlands. We rightly receive a lot of questions about this. It is good to know that until recently a distinction was made between scooters with a throttle and scooters with pedal assistance. A scooter with a throttle must be inspected by the RDW. Until recently, a scooter with pedal assistance fell under bicycle legislation. Explanation: from a legal point of view, the scooter with step support was equated with a bicycle with pedal support. This was possible because until now there was no clear definition in the law of what a bicycle was. This meant that electric scooters with scooter support could legally hit the road, just like electric bicycles. This situation has come to an end from December 2023, due to an unannounced and unexpected amendment to the Road Traffic Act 1994. A bicycle is now described as follows: vehicle with at least two wheels, a handlebar, a seat for the driver and a muscle-powered mechanical transmission of muscle power to wheels to drive. This means that a scooter with pedal assistance is no longer permitted on Dutch roads. New regulations are coming for scooters with a gas handle. The Netherlands takes the strictest position of all countries in the EU in terms of the requirements that these scooters must meet.